Current Work

My current work is an exploration of microcosms of nature, of the colors, shapes, and patterns that make each leaf we see a unique and amazing creation. I am especially drawn to leaves displaying fall colors, as each leaf “goes out in a blaze of glory” and ends its existence with a celebration of bright colors. I also love flowers.

I wanted to paint giant aspen leaves and flowers, but I wanted them in their original shapes, rather than constrained to the square or rectangular shape of most paintings. To do this, I had to develop my own unique creative process. I start by taking macroscopic photos of of my subject, then play with them on my computer, creating a digital painting that is ten to hundreds of times larger than the original. The resulting file is sent to a printer who sublimates (bakes) the image onto a sheet of aluminum. I cut out the resulting print by hand using a scroll saw, and polish the edges by hand.

I never make the same piece twice, so each is one of a kind.

An additional bonus of this process is that the images are highly resistant to ultraviolet light and waterproof, providing a medium that should have a longevity far surpassing most traditional painting mediums.


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